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winning college football picks

winning college football picks

Winning college football picks

winning college football picks

We have one goal with our members and that is to have winning College football picks.  That is why our customers stay with us each football season year in and year out as that is what we accomplish.

Our winning College football picks hit a rate of 60-65% with the ultimate picks hitting 65% winners and above.

What you will receive signing up for our winning College football picks:

5 handicappers

Byrd, Mike, Billy, The Computer, and Sweetness

The football betting industry’s top expert for winning College football picks is Sweetness who hits over 65% winners over 250 selections in college and NFL.

Byrd our newest expert has a winning College football picks percentage of 70% in his first 2 years in football handicapping.

Football betting system details with winning College football picks:

$24,000 profit in the NFL using $200 each pick

$35,000 profit in college football using $200 each pick

$12,000 month profit during the football season

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We guarantee to increase your bankroll using our winning College football picks