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football betting systems

football betting systems

Football betting systems

Home of the innovative Football betting systemss.  In our first 3 years in business in 2005 thru 2007 we released the Football betting systemss that had the biggest run in football history winning 200 games and losing 0.  How did this happen?  This is a innovative system set to design making small profits in a course of a week and building up over time.

Football betting systemss

Football betting systems since 2005

  • 2005-84-0

  • 2006 -58-0

  • 2007-48-0

Huge Risk Huge Reward, with lots of money going to the reward as we risked our bankroll of $100 week in and week out over the course of a football season.  In 2005 we had a record of 84-0, 2006 of 58-0 making our combined record of 142-0 and in 2007 we only selected 48 games going 200-0 combined.  Now this was with picking games of 2-4 picks each week in NFL Picks and College Football picks.

Football betting systems since 2008

Since 2008 we developed a brand new football betting system that by using $100-$200 for each pick our guys found the games of making quality on top of quantity selections that helped profit our customers over $5,000 monthly with our football handicapping picks.

Our success came at the top in 2012 where our profits reached

  • $35,000 for our college football picks

  • $24,000 for our NFL picks

  • Using an average of $200 each pick

If your interested in signing up for our football betting system then I would suggest purchasing the ultimate package by clicking buy now to your left.  Or at our main site at www.thebestbetonsports.com

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