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weekend football picks

weekend football picks


Weekend football picks, predictions and betting

weekend football picks

Increase your bankroll $10k a month with our weekend football picks.

Using our football handicappers for weekends football picks and NFL picks will give you a clear advantage of taking money from your book.

Our sports pick experts profit $2500 a week in college football picks and NFL football picks.

We average 65% winners on the weekend football picks with the ultimate picks our football handicappers select.

In college football picks, our experts are the best in the business selecting all college football conferences from the PAC 12 to the SEC. If you’re interested increasing your bankroll $10,000 a month sign up for the ultimate sports pick package.

Ultimate sports pick package consists of:

5 football handicappers

Sweetness, our top football handicapper, profits $20,000 in his individual section in football each season. Byrd, our newest handicapper, hits 70% with 3 picks in college and NFL for his weekend football picks.

Byrd our newest handicapper hits 70% with 3 picks in college and NFL for his weekend football picks.

3 Main experts lead by Mike wins $5,000 minimum a month with their weekend football picks hitting 70% at times Mike is one of the best football handicappers that comes close to Sweetness as it gets.

Using an average of $200 a pick, we guarantee to increase your bankroll $10k a month.

If you’re interested in increasing your bankroll with our weekend football picks, buy the ultimate package now!

Our sports pick experts never pick against one another and we have the best football picks in the business



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