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big ten football picks

big ten football picks

Big Ten Football Picks

Big Ten football picks is our companies bread and butter.  We can have up to 20% selections of our Saturday football picks with our Big Ten football picks.  We understand each team and the systems they play in to help provide the best case scenarios while selecting our college football picks with our football handicapping.

Analysis of one to two sentences to sum up each team before this college football season from our college football handicappers point of view on our big ten football picks.

big ten football picks

Big Ten Football Picks Analysis

Ohio State– After an undefeated year last year and Urban Meyer at the helm we expect another great year predictions with 1 loss in the big ten.

Michigan- Without Denard Robinson will be interesting to see how they perform, think they are behind a little bit vs Nebraska and Ohio State.

Michigan State- They have no offense but a great defense.  Since Kirk Cousins has left their offense struggled, look for low scoring games.

Northwestern- Could be the biggest surprise in the conference that can make it to the Big ten title game.  Pat Fitzgerald most underrated coach in college football.  Love their style of play expect big things for the Wildcats with our Big ten football picks.

Indiana- Developed a up tempo system last year, took Ohio State down the wire, think they will be showing great signs on offense, defense is a another story.

Iowa- The reason why Iowa struggled last year was because of change of coordinators.  Still in a transition phase, usually love the Hawkeyes I think they are 2 years away from getting back on track.

Purdue- When we don’t like a team we say it, and we don’t like Purdue, they have no idenity and should be bottom feeders this year.

Illinois- With a new head coach in their 2nd year, Illinois showed great promise until they hit the big ten schedule and was riddled with injuries.  expect Illinois if they have limited injuries to make some noise.

Penn State-  This will be a learning year, lots of questions, will stay away from this team until the 3rd week of the season to get a good fell.

Wisconsin- With the new coach from Utah State look for this year to be the year they don’t win the big ten championship and end their Rose Bowl streak.  They weren’t that good last year, they finished 3rd in the division behind ineligible Penn State and Ohio State.

Minnesota- please read our comments from Purdue.

Nebraska- This is the pick to make the Big ten championship game easily.  With their competition I honestly believe its between the Cornhuskers and Wildcats in their division.  Love Taylor Martinez in his Senior year to be a Heisman candidate.  Yeah you heard me.

Predictions who will win the ACC this year and the standing and power rankings by our football handicappers making Big ten football picks.

1.  Ohio State

2.  Nebraska

3.  Michigan State

4.  Michigan

Surprise teams that can make a push to look out for big ten football picks


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