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big 12 football picks

big 12 football picks

Big 12 Football Picks

68% winners with our Big 12 football picks

The big 12 is a close 2nd in our opinoin the last few years with the SEC.  Our feeling this year is this won’t be a great conference overall, and should be behind Big Ten, and Pac 12 in power rankings for conferences.  Our college football picksstill expect a 70% win rate with our Big 12 football picks this year.  In college football we profit over $35,000 a season and we expect a huge chunk of profit to come from our picks this year in the Big 12, as we have profited with 68% winners since 2008 with our big 12 picks.

Big 12 football picks analysis this season.

Oklahoma Sooners- A key for this season is if Blake Bell who is more of a Tebow type player can throw the ball like Tebow, as Landry Jones has graduated, and the reigns are over to this true junior.

Oklahoma State- With using 3 QB’s last year the cowboys had a great offensive season.  We expect them to contend for the title this year after a year of rebuilding.

Texas Tech- With their coach leaving for Cincinnati I think it was a blessing in disguise getting the Texas AM offensive coordinator.  The Air raid offense will be huge with this offensive minded coach.

Kansas State- not a flashy team with Klein gone will be interesting to see if their defense will carry them this year.

Kansas- 2nd year under the Weiss era and their QB eligible will be interesting to see how they perfrom.  He has also took the junior college route of recruiting players, either will be great or blow up in Charlie Weiss face.

West Virginia-  Will love to see them with out Geno Smith the first couple weeks to really judge how they will perform.  This is a stay away team for a month in our opinion.

TCU- We believe in Gary Patterson he proved it his first year, won’t be shocked if the Horn frogs in a down year of the big 12 pull the suprise.

Texas- This team has been bad the since the departure of Colt Mccoy.  His younger brother hasn’t stepped up and Ashe hasn’t shown much promise either.  Do they have a new recruit coming in to take the reigns of this team, time will tell.

Baylor- losing RG3 didn’t show much of a loss on offense.  Baylor was still able to move the ball last year.  Their defense is always the question.  We expect Baylor to be terrific on the offensive side of the ball again this year.

Iowa State we have no real comments on as we hate their program.

Big 12 football picks

Predictions who will win the Big 12 this year and the standing and power rankings by our football handicappers making Big 12 football picks.

Conference Champion

Oklahoma State

close 2nd but won’t be surprised with Oklahoma Sooners.

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