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vegas football picks

vegas football picks

Vegas football picks

Using our Football Handicappers you will profit $10,000 a month on average using our Vegas football picks.  Las Vegas is the hub of football gambling in the US.  The linesmakers are all from Vegas.  Our Vegas football pick have one goal and that is to make money against those Vegas odds makers.  The best package to make money on Vegas football picks is the Ultimate package.  Signing up for our football betting service you will receive the following

  • Receive top experts Sweetness, Billy, Mike, The computer, and Byrd
  • Byrd our newest expert 70% winners average 6 picks a weekend
  • 3 main experts average profit $5,000 a month with their sports picks
  • Sweetness 68% winners picking against NFL picks spreads.

Vegas football picks

Signing up for our Vegas football picks today

  • Yearly in all sports we profit $100,000 over $50,000 comes from our Vegas football picks.
  • Our College football picks profits $35,000 a year
  • NFL picks $24,000 a year
  • We offer more college football picks as there is twice as many games going on in a week then there is NFL which makes the difference in profit.

Vegas Football picks that win 65% with our ultimate selections

When we make Vegas football picks we understand the lines in and out.  We predetermine the lines we feel that will be picked against for the NFL picks spreads given out each week by Vegas line makers to guarantee to make money for your bankroll in football betting.

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