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monday night football picks

monday night football picks

Monday Night Football Picks

Monday Night football picks is the last chance for some football handicappers to make clients money after a weekend of losing.  Our Monday Night football picks is just another day to make money and an added opportunity to increase your bankroll after a huge winning weekend with our football picks.  The first Monday Night Football picks of the 2013 season comes with Eagles and Chip Kelly’s coaching debut taking on the Redskins and Robert Griffen III.  The following game as part of a double header is Texans vs Chargers.  Their will be 6 or MoreMonday Night football picks in this game with over $1,200 on the line we are banking on making you over $600 on the first set of NFL picks 2013.

monday night football picks

3 Best intriguing Monday Night Football picks matchups 2013

Ravens vs Broncos (NFL picks week 1)

Bears vs Packers (NFL picks week 9)

Falcons vs 49ers (NFL Picks week 16)

3 least intriguing Monday Night Football picks matchups 2013 (We will still make you money)

Dolphins vs Bucs (NFL picks week 10)

Colts vs Chargers (NFL picks week 6)

Jets vs Falcons (NFL Picks week 5)

Our NFL picks over the course of a year profit over $25,000 using an average of $200 per best bet gtd pick.  Combined our experts go above 150-200 games over 500 yearly and signing up at www.thebestbetonsports.com we guarantee to increase your bankroll.

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