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NFL predictions

NFL predictions

NFL Predictions

NFL predictions

65% winners with our NFL predictions ultimate football picks

5 football handicappers that includes Sweetness the best football handicapper in the Industry. Sweetness picks won 70% last year and had a run of 20-1 in 21 picks.

All of our handicappers don’t pick against eachother and stress the quality with quantity of knowledge our NFL predictions bring to the table.

Using an average of $200 a play our members profited $13,000 a month with our NFL predictions last year.

We offer a $25,000 money back guarantee if you don’t win that amount in a course of a year and we expect to win that in 2 months during football this season.

NFL predictions at The best bet on sports are the best in the business and never had a losing football season in the companies existence since 2005.

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  • Profit $10,000 a month with our NFL predictions

  • 65% winners

  • $2500 weekly profit with our NFL predictions

NFL Predictions that profit over $30,000 each NFL football season.  Our football handicappers win well over 60% of the time and with their NFL predictions you would be set to make over $10,000 a month with our football experts.  Predicting NFL games is our specialty.  What makes our football handicappers better than the rest is the vast amount of games our experts understand and bankroll management.  When placing a wager some high rollers like to wager $1000 a game for 2 or 3 games.  Our football system and strategies make it so you can profit using $200 a pick with using sometimes over 20 picks in a day.  On a normal NFL Sunday without byes their will be 14 games.  Our experts will find a pick they like on each game and sometimes on certain games can use 2 to 4 picks in a game for the games they really like.  Each NFL prediction on a certain game can entail the game line for the spread, over / under, and halftime lines with team totals.  Example of a game selected last year was Patriots vs Jets the famous butt fumble game by Mark Sanchez.  In that game the line was Patriots -7 over 48.  Our selections had our experts loving to take the Patriots and Over in the game, and at halftime we had already won with the over, and Patriots had a 35 point lead.  With that game there were other options like over 24 half patriots -4 half, Patriots over 28 team points that could of been placed that all happened to win.  Our experts find the games they like and can unload on plays similar to 1 $1000 bet with 5 picks in one game.  Its easier to manage your bankroll this way as its more effective in the long run, and using our systems and experts to make over $10,000 a month with our NFL predictions.

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