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Baseball odds

Baseball odds

Baseball Odds

When it comes time to picking a line Vegas line makers release lines that will bring in action on two sides of a bet and by setting the lines the term for this is called odds.  So when setting baseball odds experts who make the lines factor in wide variety of factors.  Who is home, what pitching match ups are taking place, and if their are any injuries to the every day hitters.  So when a team has their ace on the mound against a 4th in the rotation type player, the lines will be greater for the team that has the significant advantage.  Like opening day in 2013 Marlins vs Nationals pitted Ricky Nalasco vs Stephen Strausburg.  Just looking at the match up you would think no brainer take the nationals, which is the correct play, however to make this a more difficult pick the odds were set at -250 for the nationals.  So baseball handicappers take into consideration do they want to risk $250.00 to win $100.  And if your playing 3 games like that you would need to win all 3 games to profit, and the 4th game you can lose however your only winning $50.00 risking $1000 on 4 baseball picks.  That is why our experts are able to determine the right picks to make on each game and can help make you more money with our baseball picks than any other company with baseball handicapping odds

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