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College Football Picks

College Football Picks

(Over 65% winners and $30,000 profits each season)

2013 College football picks

65% winners with over $6400 profit averaging in 4 weeks putting us on pace for $32,000 profits in 2013 using an average of $200 each pick.

college football picks

Increase your bankroll $10,000 a month with our college football picks.

Home of the top college football picks with the best college football handicappers in the country.

What’s included with your membership when purchasing our college football picks?

  • Receive 5 college football handicappers (Sweetness, Mike, Byrd, Billy, and The computer)

  • Sweetness the top expert in the country (70% winners last year profits $25,000 a season)

  • Mike, Billy, and The computer our the 3 main experts who profit $5,000 month and more combined in their section)

  • Byrd our newest expert only picks 3-6 selections on Saturdays with $1500 monthly profits.

  • Never had a losing season

  • Won 61 of 70 weeks in the last 5 years of making college football predictions with our group of football handicappers

How to use our college football picks?

-Recommended to us $100 per guaranteed picks and $200 per best bet guaranteed pick/

-Using this football betting system our college football picks profit $10,000 a month with all of our experts.

-You don’t have to use $200 a pick you can use as low as $25 and profit over $1000 a month easily.

Our experts win more money for our clients year after year, season after season. We have the top experts who understand each conference in the NCAA and understand from the top to bottom teams in each conference on who will cover and who can make that big upset that goes week in and week out in their college football picks. We never had a losing Football season in our history of business, and we found a method to win big since 2008 understanding the stand point the Vegas with the big mainstream games find lines that will usually hurt the betting public with our football handicapping system. That is why we developed a instinct to understand all the teams and make our selections better than everyone else because of the sheer volume we pick at. Having records of 45-18 in a given week, and usually having a standpoint of 23-10 records of 33 selections each Saturday as part of our football betting system.

With that said we do offer Ultimate college football picks which are the experts top picks of the day that constantly win over 65% of the time lead by our top expert Sweetness. Sweetness is one the top football handicappers and he makes more money for our clients than any expert we have with his vast knowledge.

college football picks

Example would be our dominance in picking PAC 12, SEC, BIG 12, ACC, BIG 10, and BIG EAST each year. Those conferences help win over $25,000 a year for our clients bankroll. Understanding teams such as Alabama is easy, but when it comes to it and learning how they will play vs Kentucky or Vanderbilt or Florida Gators the college football picks have to know how many points Bama will win by and if they can cover. Another big thing is that over and unders play a big calculation each week  we make.

Signing up for our college football picks

Sign up now for the college football pick with over 65% winners in their ultimate selections and average profit of over $35,000 each season we guarantee to increase your bankroll using our college football picks this season.  Sign up on our home page at www.thebestbetonsports.com for the ultimate package.  Any questions email us [email protected]