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sports picks

sports picks

Sports picks

How can you profit $10,000 monthly with sports picks?

sports picks

Using our sports betting systems our focus is on quality, and quantity.  We use an average of $100-$200 a pick to achieve those month results we advertise. 

We recommend using a bankroll of $10,000 where each play is 2% of your bankroll.

If you only have a bankroll of $1000 that’s ok you can wager $20 a game and make $15,000 a year with our sports picks.

Our sports picks profit over $10,000 a month using all of our experts as part of our sports betting system.

What sports handicappers do I receive with my sports picks membership?

  • Receive 5 main experts

  • Billy- 60% winners lifetime consistently makes over $10,000 yearly.

  • Mike- Our best main sports handicapper, has 65% winners with his sports picks

  • The computer- Our expert who wins 63% lifetime and profits over $1500 monthly.

  • Sweetness- our top football expert Profits over $25,000 with his football picks and wins 67% with all his sports picks.

  • Byrd- our newest expert 70% winners, over 74% winners in Baseball and is our most dominant expert in baseball.

Sports picks analysis

The sports picks we specialize in are college football picksNFL picks, NBA picks, College basketball picks, and baseball picks.

Monthly profits as we stated with our sports picks is $10,000 a month with 65% winners with the ultimate sports picks.  When our sports handicappers are making selections what sets us apart from the rest is the vast knowledge our experts have with all teams in the 3 major sports we listed.  We understand all conferences in college football so we can find the right college football picks throughout the course of the day with our Saturday college football picks.  With our NFL picks we understand how all 32 teams play to give us the advantage over Vegas lines makers as they can get certain lines to the point, but our strategies is to look across the board and find the lines that will put the odds in your favor with our Sunday football picks.  With our in depth knowledge and research our sports picks can make you in 1 year over $100,000.  Last year our profit margin was at $115,000 profiting over $50,000 of that with our football handicappers sports picks.

If your interested in signing up for our sports picks and increasing your bankroll click buy now here or at the home page at www.thebestbetonsports.com.  We also guarantee in 1 year if you don’t win $40,000 we will offer you a full refund on the cost of your membership.  any questions email us at[email protected]