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football predictions

football predictions

Football Predictions

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football predictions

Football predictions by our experts

  • 5 football experts
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Football predictions in the NFL is a challenge with the parity of all the NFL teams.  Our success comes in a big fashion in picking the points we believe will occur at the end of each game and half.  So an example of one of our football predictions is lets say the Saints are playing Tampa bay.  And its in New Orleans and the saints are a 10 point favorite and the over under line is set at 53.  So what we take into account is how many points each team will score in the game and the feeling that is received by the experts.  So one expert of ours will like that game because they believe that the Saints are good for 31 points minimum and most likely will score 31-35 points.  Now the question he then ask himself is with my football predictions I have to factor how many points will Tampa Bay score and the feeling is Tampa bay will be around the 21-24  point range.  So with the minimum ranges the expert is stating that 52 points will be scored, and the maximum range should be around 59.  So by doing this our experts football predictions is more likely to happen in this type of game.  With the line around 10 points its more of a coin flip according to this expert who will win the game.  So the likelihood is to bet the football predictions of the football handicappers by taking the over 53 in this game as the best overall pick in this case.  There is over 14-16 games to choose from each week in NFL and our experts dissect each one before making football predictions on each one, and that is why our experts win more than anyone else is because of the amount of picks and knowledge that goes beyond each game.

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