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football handicappers

football handicappers

Football handicappers


Profitsofits with $15,000 profit a month using an average of $200 each play using our football handicappers betting system!

Ultimate Combo package Trial
Includes Byrd, Sweetness, Main experts Ultimate picks
Profits $10,000 on average a month
$500 a month for your first 2 months(50% off)

football handicappers

Football handicappers that profit over $50,000 a year with football picks.

Receive 5 of the best football handicappers in the football betting industry.

Sweetness over 65% winners and $25,000 profit a year with football.

3 main football handicappers-Mike, The Computer, Billy $5,000 monthly profit.

Byrd our newest football handicapper with 70% winners his first 2 years.

Our football handicappers make more money with the quality of selections with the quantity of knowledge that most experts as our our monthly profit margin is over $10,000 with our clients using our football handicappers advice.

Find out how you will profit $12,000 a month in 2013 with our football picks.

Football handicappers analysis

  • $12,000 monthly profit using $200 each pick

  •  5 football handicappers with over 60-65% winners

  • Sweetness our top expert $25,000 in football profits

  • NFL picks $24,000 profit last year with all experts

  • college football picks $35,000 profit last year with all experts

Football is our bread and butter in terms of making our clients the most money as possible.  Our football handicappers excel with their nfl picks, and college football picks.  Football handicapping in college and pro football is no easy task for some, but with the experts at the best bet on sports we never had a losing sports season.  Our top football handicappers are Mike, Byrd, and Sweetness.  Sweetness in 1 week had an incredible record of 20-1 with his ultimate picks in football in 2012.  Sweetness is a premiere football handicapper and his football picks in NFL and college football wins over the 65% mark constantly and his ultimate picks hit over 65% on a consistent basis.

Our Football handicappers profit over $10,000 a month with our football picks with 65% in their Ultimate NFL picks and 70% in their Ultimate College football picks.  Using an average of $100-$200 for our football picks will help increase your bankroll over $50,000 each football season.

Signing up for our ultimate package for our football picks

Sign up for the ultimate package to get the première football handicappers in the country who are guaranteed to increase your bankroll.  We offer a money back guarantee if our football handicappers don’t profit you over $25,000 a year with their football picks.

Questions on signing up with any of our packages email us[email protected] or go to our home pagewww.thebestbetonsports.com

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