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Baseball betting

Baseball betting

Baseball Betting

Profit with our baseball betting service with the best baseball handicappers in the business.

Receive with our baseball betting package

  • 5 baseball handicappers
  • Byrd 74% winners
  • Sweetness 67% winners lifetime
  • 3 main experts $5,000 monthly profit using $200 each pick

Baseball betting for some could be the hardest sport to bet on because of the money line affect.

Baseball Betting Example Yankees -200 vs the Royals means your risking $200 to win $100.  So if there is a day where your betting 3 heavy favorites such as Yankees -200, Red Sox -200 and Cubs -200 which we know won’t happen with the cubs but this is just an example, and you win 2 games and lose 1 game, you won $200 and lost $200 just to break even with your baseball bet.

baseball betting

Using our experts with Baseball betting you will be winning over 65%

for some can be misleading, but with our baseball handicapping experts ourbaseball handicappers primarily win 75% on the big lines and 60-65% with team totals and over and unders in baseball betting picks.

The past year we averaged over $10,000 profit a month during the baseball season in 2012, and 2013 we are looking to be just as big, so sign up today so we can help increase your bankroll with one of our packages below with our baseball betting picks !

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