football betting tips

football betting tips

Football betting tips

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football betting tips


You found the best sports handicapping service by finding us on google looking for football betting tips.  Our football handicappers accomplish rear feats that no other site can do and that is win 60-65% winners with over 400 football picks each year.  Our experts have one goal and that is to make you money.  Signing up with our site you will make over $12,000 a month with our football betting tips.

NFL picks are lead by our Main football handicapper Sweetness who also hits 65% winners with his ultimate picks in college football picks.  Weekly with Monday Night Football, Thursday night football, Saturday, and Sunday football you looking at an average of 10 picks a week on average from our 3 main experts Billy, Mike, and The computer who profit $6,000 or more with our football betting tips.

Our football betting tips involves betting $100-$200 each selection and following this philosophy we were able to profit over $50,000 last football season with our football betting tips.  Now don’t get me wrong we dominate NFL but our biggest source of revenue comes from our college football picks.

Our college football betting tips since 2008 has had a total of 8 losing weeks of 80 weeks of college football picks from weeks 1-14 our experts dominate the Vegas sports books.

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