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College football picks spread

Profit $10,000 a month with our college football picks spread

college football spread picks

Home of the top college football picks spread in the country.  Our experts hit 65% with their ultimate football picks against the spread in college football.  We take pride in being able to know how teams play and predict lines before the come out.

We analyze over 100 lines a week in college football and we break down what are the best lines that will put the odds in our favor of predicting winners with the college football picks spread. 

We have 5 handicappers that never pick against each other and by doing this we will get more college football game picks out there that helps benefit our members.

We don't tout some handicapper won on a game and the same handicapper lost like many other sports handicapping services.  We are the real deal in terms of knowing our college football picks spread better than anyone else and we prove it week in and week out.

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